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A mortgage is a secured loan which uses your home as collateral. Of all the financial transactions you'll ever enter into, it's one of the most complicated. But you shouldn't worry. You've already taken the Home BuyabilityTM Test and know how much home may be right for you. Banks want your business and are eager to help you though the process. And in this section of BankSITE® Online, we'll give you a tour of the mortgage process.

You'll learn about the types of mortgages and get help deciding which is best for you. You'll learn how to apply for a mortgage, how to calculate your monthly payments, and how to close on your new home. We also provide you with information to help you decide whether you should consider refinancing.

You can review all this information first, or shop for a mortgage. Our BankSITE® Directory provides you with information on mortgages offered by banks all around the country.

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