Setting up your own stand to sell cool drinks is a great, old-fashioned way to make a little money during summer vacation. Your parents probably did it when they were kids, too. With a little planning, you can make money, have fun and do something nice for your neighbors, all at once!

To set up your lemonade stand, you will need supplies, a good location, and some good sales skills.


Money Ideas:-Cool Drink Stand

Supplies. First, figure out what you will sell: lemonade, juice, or some other drinks? You will need cups, napkins, ice, and a money box for making change. Disposable plastic cups are the easiest to use, so you won't have to worry about keeping them clean.

You will need a table for the drinks, and maybe a tablecloth to make it look nice. You'll need a sign or two, and maybe some balloons or streamers to make people notice your stand.

The money that you spend on supplies is your investment in your business. Keep track of how much everything costs, so you'll be able to set a fair price for your drinks.

Location. Where will you set up your stand? You want to be close enough to the sidewalk so that people will stop and buy, but you should be careful not to get in people's way. Keep well back from passing cars, too. Corners are good locations, since people can see you from four different directions.

Sales Skills. Your sales skills will make your drink stand a success. People can buy drinks anywhere, so your job is to make them want to buy from you. If they see you're having fun, they'll want to stop at your stand, so keep a big smile on your face and be friendly.

Decorate your stand with signs and balloons that will make people notice you. You can even post a couple of signs up and down the street, so people will know about your stand before they see you. Advertise your drinks with words like "cold" and "refreshing." You could also dress up in tropical clothes, to make people feel that they're visiting a fancy resort.

A lemonade stand is a lot of work, and it's more fun if you have help. Get your friends to help out. If you see someone else in the neighborhood who has a drink stand, ask if they want to be partners!

After you've made your money, what are you going to do with it?

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