Shovel Snow

Earnings: $5.00 To $10.00 (Depending On The Size Of The Yard)
9+, 10+
Tips On Getting Started:

Try shoveling with a friend. Go to peoples houses you know.
Go around your neighborhood and offer to shovel sidewalks for $3.00. Make sure you do a good job and that you don't forget any spots because they might not ask you back again. Be polite and even if they don't ask you to shovel say thank you because next time they may ask you because you were polite.

Tips For Success:

Don't take jobs you can't handle!
Be polite. Bring your own supplies. Wear warm clothes because you'll get cold.

Wrap Gifts

$2.00 Per Half Hour (10+)
Tips On Getting Started:

Pass out fliers. Tell your parent's friends about it and/or at work.

See if you could set up a gift wrapping table during the holiday vacation at your local gift shop or bookstore.

Tips For Success:

Be prompt on what time you would give back their presents. Be honest and friendly.

Make Greeting Cards

Earnings: $2.00 Per Card
Age: 8+
Tips On Getting Started:

Make colorful decorations on construction or plain paper (8+).
Make them with holiday themes.

Use watercolors, markers, pastels or crayons. Whatever you feel comfortable using. Try different kinds of papers. Try making collages.

Tips For Success:

Go to your local gift shop to see if they will sell them or try the local grocery store. Or see if your Mom or Dad's friends at work will buy them.


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