Animal Omnibus. An indexed reference list of animal Web sources. If you are searching for a particular animal, this site will provide links to information on that specific animal as well booklists (bibliographies).

The Electronic Zoo. If it has to do with animals, pets, or vets on the ’Net, you can find it here. Created by a veterinary doctor, this site is powerful in the information it offers.

Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. The Lincoln Park Zoo Web site strives to build understanding and respect for wildlife and natural lands across the world. Information on more than 1,000 animals in their zoo as well as great animal photos.

Monterey Bay (Calif.) Aquarium Online. The “E-Quarium” site gives you a look at how one of the newest and most elaborate aquariums in the country works, learn about the effects of El Niño, and see how the sea otter population is being preserved.

National Aquarium in Baltimore. Located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, this aquarium’s site has a current exhibit on ghosts of the water (jellyfish) as well as trivia quizzes on frogs.

Official Keiko Home Page, Newport, Ore. Visit Keiko, an orca whale, at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. This project takes cam shots of Keiko and offers information on re-introducing Keiko to the wild. Keiko was the star of Free Willy. Requires plugins.

Oregon Zoo, Portland. In the “No Adults Allowed!” section you will find outline information on all of the animals in this zoo collection with terrific pictures you can use for a report. Emphasis on saving endangered species.

San Diego (Calif.) Zoo. You can play “Gulp!” at different levels or do a puzzle in “Baby Talk.” This Zoo cares for 3,800 animals (800 different species) and creates outstanding natural habitats for its animals.

Sea World/Busch Gardens: Animal Resources. Want to know about Beluga whales or bony fish or gorillas? This is the site to locate information or fun facts about a terrestrial or aquatic animal. It often includes book lists for projects or general reading.

Wildlife Conservation Society at Bronx (N.Y.) Zoo. Opportunity to adventure with Pablo Python. Strong environmental and conservation approach. The photography and layout of text are excellent. Requires plugins.

ZooNet for Kids. A subset of ZooNet that suggests links to many animal/zoo activities and programs.