Dodoland. This is a kids online e-zine on the environment that includes a page of wishes for the earth written by children.

FEMA for Kids. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) helps people who have been in a disaster. They also teach people what to do during a disaster and what to do before a disaster happens.

Kids F.A.C.E. Kids For A Clean Environment (Kids F.A.C.E.®) is an international children’s environmental organization started in 1989 by a nine-year-old child. The club, with a current membership of 300,000 worldwide, was established to help children who want to learn more about the world in which they live, provide a way for children to be involved in the protection of nature, and connect children with other children who share their concerns about global environmental issues.

MBGnet-Kids Page. The Missouri Botanical Gardens site allows kids to explore different biomes as well as freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Myst@Rain Forests. Help see the balance in nature. Educate yourself about plants and animals of the rainforests in the RainForest Garden.

El Niño Theme Page. Basic information on the nature of El Niño, including its benefits.

POPClock Projection. A daily update of the U.S. population by the U.S. Census Bureau. For more information go to the U.S. Census Home Page at

Rain Forest Web Community. This Web site provides information about the rain forest’s community, its leaders, and the many special residents who live there.

A Science Fair Project Resource Guide. An excellent resource from Internet Public Library that links kids to all sorts of exceptional resources for their projects.

Sierra Club. This site offers a number of pages on forests, trees, and the air. The Sierra Club is a nonprofit, member-supported, public-interest organization that promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions—legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral.

The Skinny on . . . the Color of Snow. One of many explanations of scientific questions written by Hannah Holmes for Discovery Channel.

Tsunami. Everything you want to know about tsunamis (tidal waves).

USA Today Weather. Weather by USA Today news.

The Weather Dude. A weather page especially for kids, parents, and teachers from KSTW-TV weather forecaster Nick Walker. Includes musical meteorology.