Was there any money on Noah's ark?

Yes, the duck had a bill, and the frog had a greenback.

What would you have if you had 50 pigs and 50 deer?


100 sows and bucks.


What's grey, has a wand, huge wings and gives money to elephants?

The tusk fairy!

Where do frogs keep their money?

In a river bank!


What do you get if you cross a lemon with a dollar bill?


How did Barbie pay for her new outfit?

With dolly bills.

Why is a river rich?

It has two banks


Where do fish borrow money?

The loan shark

What do you call a chicken that robs people?

A peck-pocket.

How do you stop an elephant from charging?

You take away his credit card.

Why did the workers at the Mint go on strike?

They wanted to make less money.

Why is the moon worth only a dollar?

Because it has four quarters.


What do you call a rabbit who makes counterfeit bills?

A funny money bunny.


Jack: "Can you change a quarter for me?"

Jill: "Sure"

Jack: "Then change it into a dollar!"


What do you call a rabbit who works in a bank?

A money bunny.


Why did Robin Hood steal from the rich?

Because the poor have no money.