Fun Facts

How does the ATM know how much money to give you? No, there isn't a small person in back counting out the bills. ATMs have an electronic eye that can "read" each bill and tell whether it is $20, $10 or some other amount. They also have a sensor that knows how much each bill should weigh - so it can tell whether two bills are stuck together, or if a bill is so worn out it shouldn't be used any more. Worn-out bills go to a "reject" bin!

Automated Teller Machines

Hi! I'm Dollar the Dragon. I'm here to teach you all about money. We use money in many different ways, and there are lots of tools to help us earn, save and spend money.

Automated teller machines, which you may call ATMs or money machines, are very handy tools for getting cash, finding out how much money is in your checking and savings accounts, and even buying things like stamps or subway tickets.

When you were a little kid, did you think they were magic? You put in a card, punch in some numbers, and you get money! How does that happen?