Before you make your budget, keep track of how much money you earn and spend in a week. Carry a little notebook, if you need to, so you don't leave anything out: $5.00 earned from babysitting, $10 for mowing the lawn, 50 cents spent on gum, $7.00 to go to the movies.

That will help you plan your budget. Do you know that your parents will pay you $10.00 every week to mow the lawn? List that as income. How many friends do you need to buy birthday presents for this month? List that as expense. Make adjustments where you need to, to make sure that you will only spend as much as you earn.

Once you have your budget, stick to it! Don't spend $5.00 on candy at the movie theater if your budget says you'll only spend $2.00. Your budget is the most powerful tool you have to make sure that you're managing your money - and it's not managing you!